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    In the land of Equestria, ponies live in a way that fits the cutie mark on their flank. A million stories can be told, many adventures to be had, while not all remarkable are unique in their own way. We go to Ponyville in the morning, where the Friendship Express drops off some new ponies. Some are excited to get off the train, others felt like the trip took too long.
    One particular pony an Earth Pony, who has a beige coat, a steel blue mane and tail with a film projector cutie mark, who also wears brown tortoise shell glasses, steps off the train. He is tired from the long trip and yawns, not exactly exciting for him, he also is carrying a small suitcase on his back. Another pony gets off right after he does, a unicorn in fact, with a dark blue coat , and lemon yellow mane and tail, with an ink and quill next to a blank book cutie mark. Some can say he is more excited to be here, than the pony before him, with enthusiasm on his face.
    The Earth pony goes to the right, while the unicorn goes to the left, seemingly getting lost in this new place. However the ponies of Ponyville are quick to help out, a relief to the new ponies in town. The Unicorn finds exactly what he's looking for, on the bulletin, near Town Hall a flyer reads, " Sunny Days's Cozy Living", he brings the flyer with him. The Earth Pony, however is not having the same luck, because his stomach is growling. All he can think about is food, noticing a clock he realizes it's almost noon.
    It doesn't take him long to find what he is looking for, and finds Cafe Hay a nice place to break for lunch. At another table, it's the same dark blue Unicorn from earlier today, waiting for his food while drinking tea. Not wanting to sit alone the Unicorn, brings his tea and flyer over to the Earth Pony's table.

"Top of the morning to you", the Unicorn excitingly says.
"It's almost afternoon", the Earth Pony replies.
"My apologies, forgot to introduce myself, the name's Night Owl"
"My name is Rave Review"

Rave Review goes back to drinking his coffee, not saying much else, Night Owl attempts to break the silence.

"Are you new here?", asked Night Owl.
"I'm from Manehatten", replies Rave.
Rave asked, " And yourself?".
"I am from Canterlot"
"Typical Canterlot Unicorn"
"I beg your pardon, but not all Canterlot Unicorns are snobs, some, but not all"
"Sorry, but the accent threw me off"
"Quite alright, I get that quite often"

    The stack of hay fries finally arrive for the both of them, they eat without saying another word. Night Owl realizes he was hungrier than he thought, finishes his food before rave does. The two of them pay for their food, and just when they're about to take their separate ways, Rave notices the flyer.

Rave asks, "What's the flyer for?".
Night Owl replies, "It's for living arrangements in town".
"I've been needing to find one of those"
"What the flyer or apartment?"
"Both I guess"
"We should find it together"

    The two set off together to find this apartment, even passing by some well known buildings the Carousal Boutique and Sugar cube Corner. They even find themselves in the bizarre, getting distracted by the marketplace. The two of them take a break, they eat some apples and continue their search. Things got even worse when Ponyville got busier during the rush, it seems like they were lost again.

"Seems like we're going in circles", Rave feeling uncertain.
"It feels that way", replies Night Owl.
"Maybe I'm just use to the big city"
"Indeed, but we can't give up"
"Maybe we should split up and ask around" 
"Splendid we will meet up in one hour"

    The two of them split up and ask around, the town is very busy and it seems like maybe they will find the answer. However they finally struck some luck, when a gray Pegasus points them in the right direction. The evening is starting to appear, and they make their way their without anymore slowdowns. They reach their destination and near the end of the road is a Cul-de-sac, it has a house on each side and in the middle is the apartment. Night Owl looks around and notices bite marks on both the houses, however the apartment is free of these marks.
    Night Owl gets the chills from the silence, but Rave Review is already at the front door of the apartment. Rave knocks on the door, and Night Owl runs to catch up with him, nopony responds to the knocking. Night Owl looks around the front of the apartment, and notices their are no bite marks anywhere. After about five minutes of waiting, the door opens, and a Pegasus answers. The Pegasus has an ivory coat, and a ruby red mane and tail, she has a cutie mark with three clouds over a sun and wears a gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant.

She apologizes, "Sorry for the wait".
"Are you Sunny Days?", asked Rave.
"Yes I am", she replies.

Rave calls for Night Owl," It's open!".
Night Owl comes over relieved of the news,"We've been looking all afternoon", and shows her the flyer.
"Well you've come to right place", Sunny days smiling.

    The three of them introduce themselves, before being let inside, they are then brought to the kitchen. Sunny Days then feeds them a light dinner of cucumber sandwiches and iced tea, they sit at the table together.

"It may not be much, but haven't gotten visitors in awhile", Sunny Days trying to be hospitable.
"Why haven't you gotten visitors in while?", asked Night Owl.
"Ever since the Parasprites tore up the town all my tenants left"
"We just got here today we were looking for a place to stay", says Rave.
"It is getting late you two should stay here tonight"
"Much appreciated", says Night Owl.
"Thank you", says Rave.

    The rest of the night goes without a hitch and Rave Review and Night Owl, sleep with a roof under their head tonight. Sunny Days sleeps in her room glad to have someponies to talk to, and hopes the next day will be a very nice day.


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Hello my name is Aaron and I enjoy the artwork around here.




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